purpose, meaning, and destiny

Think about it, we are only given a certain number of days on this earth. I mean, really think about it. In the world we live in now we are thought of having a good long life at 70-80 years old. We all see how fast time flies nowadays. Years are gone at the blink of an eye. Your once infant child is already starting kindergarten. It feels like you just got married, but you are celebrating your 10 year wedding anniversary. It seems like you just got out of high school, but instead you just received an invite to your 15 year reunion.

No one has the answer to where does the time go but we all can take responsibility on how we plan to spend the short years we have on this earth. James said it best when he penned;

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog–it’s here a little while, then it’s gone (James 4:14)

Honestly, the best way to make the most of the days and years we have on this earth is to start living on purpose. That simply means to become more and more like Jesus every day. We, including me, often get stuck on phrases like, “what’s my purpose”, “why did God create me”, “will I fulfill my destiny”, etc. the list could go on and on but I’m pretty sure you get my point.

And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:5)

Jesus instructed us to go into this world, meaning our world that includes; neighborhoods, schools, workplace, coffee houses, etc. and tell people about Him. I strongly believe that if we take the Word for what it says, to be imitators of Christ, we will find our purpose, destiny, calling or meaning to our life.

I often notice when I start getting bored with my routine or the same ole same ole, it’s because I’m not about my Father’s business as stated in Luke 2:49. I’m not sharing the good news of the gospel with people in my world. I’m not encouraging people like I usually do. To steal a line from Snoop Dogg “my minds on my money and my money’s on my mind”, I would change it to say “my minds on my problems and my problems on my mind”.  Life is too short to be consumed with ourselves. I have learned over the years that if I act like the hands and feet of Jesus and help others, he always steps in and helps me.

Who knows maybe I am preaching to myself, but I do know one thing for however many years I have left on this earth I want to live on purpose. I want to make each day count. I will be about my Father’s business trying to make a difference in this crazy world we live in, why, because there is enough negative out there, let’s start shedding some Light and hope for people.